Cloud Services

Maintaining a 24/7, 100% uptime infrastructure can be very costly for an organization, especially for small businesses who don't need their own servers. Ensuring uptime through power cuts and mitigating against natural disasters, theft and cybercrime can really rack up costs.

Velocis can help your company migrate to a cloud solution, allowing your business to continue to run using networked services such as email, databases, CRM systems, enterprise management systems and more hosted off-site in a secure datacenter. Velocis have experience working with cloud service providers to ensure that you get the best possible service at an amazing price.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

For businesses that cannot or do not want to use cloud services, Velocis can offer excellent protection through our backup and disaster prevention/recovery solutions. Don't let the mission-critical data that your business relies on go missing in an accident or theft! Let Velocis help you take steps to protect your business against disaster with our backup and disaster recovery solutions.

We are experienced in providing services such as RAID, backups, uninterruptible power supplies, high-availability, load balancing and many other similar services which provide near 100% uptime and protection or recovery in the event of disaster.