Hardware Solutions

Does your business need more hardware to keep up with your needs? Are you finding that your processes are running slow or unresponsive? Do you want to provide a better infrastructure for your company? Perhaps you are you expanding and need more PC,s or newer technology.

Velocis have many years of experience in providing hardware solutions to the business sector. We can manage every step of the process for you, from consultancy and finding out what the best fit for your company would be, to supplying, installing and configuring the solution.

Software Solutions

Do you need an email, intranet or CRM solution? Does thinking about licensing give you a headache? Let Velocis take care of your business software needs - we can supply, support, manage, install and configure all varieties of software packages, from operating systems and office suites to advanced enterprise relationship management solutions.

We can also ensure that your company is complying with legal requirements for software licensing for things like Microsoft Windows or Exchange or office 365 - we manage the process, make our recommendations and can supply the licenses for you, giving you complete peace of mind.